a special Australian wedding that I'm quite excited about...

from Mel 1-2
Nicnic and Martin prewedding-1

a beautiful love between Rio and Oxford

LMJ and LMrJ
bronwyn and alex's wedding

To allay wedding photography jitteries...

I joined Jenny and Andy up at the White Horse near Wantage, where Andy had romantically proposed 12 minutes to midnight on New Years Eve, timed perfectly to be followed by a firework explosion all across Oxfordshire.

One, two, three, awwwww.

Jenny and Andy's pre shoot

A hatch of hens on a do...

Another type of celebration... to prepare Bronwyn, the bride to be. I was so excited when she rang me to tell about Alex's proposal and now the big day is only a few weeks away. We shoved her right out of her comfort zone into a bellydancing class followed by a HUGE Lebanese feast and then....a few drinks too. I think we'll mostly remember the dare to pinch a garcon's bottom, a naughty bell and the anti-fart pride discussion...

bronwyn's hen do2


My housemate Joey and our friends, entered the Oxford Town and Gown 10km fun run. I know how much work Joey did to complete the course and I'm so proud of her. The F team are now training for a half marathon, even though they insisted they wouldn't go that far.... there will be more photos to follow this up.


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